Newground wtf?

2012-12-26 18:50:32 by Straight2HellEnt

The art seems to be back to normal where you can view adult materail and we can finally upload audio. but is it us or is NG running slow? loading movies to watch takes forever!


2012-12-22 13:03:31 by Straight2HellEnt

Just wanna say thanks to whoever it was that scouted us for the audio portal!


2012-12-21 15:49:18 by Straight2HellEnt

Whats with the Ratings? I cant change what I'm looking for and Adult is stuck to off?

Support or not?

2012-12-11 15:21:41 by Straight2HellEnt

Should we spend Money on Newgrounds? To be a Supporter? Maybe not yet. Got to see if Newgrounds will accept us first. Be scouted in the art and audio portals.

This Should Be Hilarius and Raunchy. A true Homage to what we are all about. Lots of Penis, Pussy and Fart Jokes.

Working on a Totoro Cartoon!!!

We are here!

2012-11-26 23:10:31 by Straight2HellEnt

Here on Newgrounds be Straight2Hell Entertainment, Animators, Voice Actors, Writers Etc. Eat that in your mouth son!

We are here!